Why Sprightly

The quality of food that a person eats determines the physical & mental well being of a person. Both our immediate state of mind and long-term health depends largely upon our regular food diet & food habits.

Some of the main advantages of consuming healthy & hygienic food products are :

Prevents / postpones chronic diseases

  • Maintains / achieves ideal weight.
  • Maintains Good Energy Level
  • Supports Positive Attitude                       

In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune etc, fast food or Junk food have become very popular due to fast moving life style of the people, especially kids & youngsters. It is another type of Malnutrition, which leads to higher calorie intake in the form of Sugar, Fat and Refined Products.

We therefore, would like to introduce our self as a company venturing into Healthy Ready to eat (RTE) Roasted, Baked & Fried (with Low fat) packaged food products and variety of sauces, chutneys & pastes.

Having different product range with different nutritional combination will cater to each customer’s individual need (especially kids & youngsters) such as :


  • Products will high calories for athletes, youngsters & slim people.
  • Specially planned meal combos for kids to meet their taste & complete nutritional requirements.
  •  Filled with all natural ingredients without any use of artificial chemicals or flavors, they can be gluten free, transfat free, Sugar free, GMO & MSG free, Cholesterol free, without hydrogenated oil, Rich in Calcium, Rich in Fiber and mostly vegan treats.


    Presently we have classified our snacking options in 8 broad categories :

      • Growing Kids
      • Balanced Nutrition
      • Weight Loss
      • Bundle of Energy
      • Diabetic Friendly
      • Heart Friendly
      • Hypertension
      • Pregnant Lady Friendly

    You can also Gift a box full of Tasty and Healthy snacks to family members, friends and relatives to encourage them towards healthy and tasty alternatives.

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    To make a choice of healthy snacks easy and convenient, we provide our valued customers with complete information of :

      List of Ingredients used,
      • Product category –As mentioned above
      • Qualities such as Gluten free, Low Cholestrol, Sugar Free, High in Fibre, High in Calcium, GMO free, NO MSG, 0% Low Transfat etc so that they can make a more informed choice of there tasty snack.

     So stop worrying about the side effects of consuming unhealthy and junk foods. You can actually customise a box of goodies free from undying trend of chips, chocolates and other sugar lumped snacks and enjoy the best of snacking experiences which has now become both; healthier and easier!






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