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Selecting right type of foods for the Executives working in the corporate houses

Today's world is a savage concept. The trees have been uprooted with large scale buildings and skyscrapers. True to its word the city is still a jungle out there. With everyone working for huge cooperate establishments people have been overlooking their health and always running to meet deadlines. Not enough time for a healthy lifestyle. A city like New York owns its hot dog's sales to the working class who have no time and in Mumbai, of course, the famous vada pav on the go.

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By Deepali Mehta

Todays trends in selection of Food for snacking

Every year the world becomes more health aware, of how foods play an important role in the lifestyle and the immunity strength we require to get on with our daily lives. The concept of eating healthy and staying on a nutritive diet is growing ever so popular. If you notice today's media mostly displays a lot of healthy food habits. With the vast inception of new viruses and disease outspread, eating healthy to stay fit is the demand ever so arising from the public. Unlike healthy foods, junk foods are available by the dime a dozen and canned foods have even more serious complications because of the use of chemicals and other substances for the purpose of preservatives.

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By Prajakta

Food Recipes with using Sprightly Snacks

Food is all about indulging in the yummiest and most creative recipes. Not all foods can be considered a treat if the quality or the food texture does not have the healthy punch line to it. That’s when I decided to try out sprightly products. Ie noticed the best way to ensure a good choice of dishes is to try out their readily available healthy options. This recipe is infinitely versatile and very easily modifiable to your own secret ingredients. Here is a sweet variation of recipes recommended by sprightly feel free to get creative in your own way.

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By Sanchita

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